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Qu. Will Ultimate Finish Waterless Wash & Wax scratch my paintwork?

An. No, the unique formulation that Ultimate Finish use, once applied to a non porous surface (Car Paintwork) breaks down and emulsifies the dirt particles, lifting them from the surface of car. As you then wipe over with a microfibre cloth, the dirt particles are collected in the cloth. Leaving no scratches.

Qu. Do I have to use water on the car before applying Ultimate Finish Waterless Wash & Wax?

An.  No, Simply shake the bottle, spray and wipe!

Qu. One bottle of Ultimate Finish Waterless Wash & Wax will clean how many cars?

An. Based on the average sized family car, you can get between 6 - 8 uses per bottle.

Qu. How do I apply Ultimate Finish Waterless Wash & Wax?

An. Start by shaking the bottle well, then adjust the sprayer nozzle to your desired flow. Now spray the liquid onto a panel, wipe over with the first microfibre cloth to remove the dirt. Then with a second microfibre cloth, buff over the panel to leave a polished and protected panel.

Qu. How do I apply Ultimate Finish Concentrated Tyre & Trim?

An. Simply, adjust the sprayer nozzle to the spray position, spray the product either onto the applicator pad or directly onto tyre / trim surface. Wipe over with either a microfibre cloth or applicator pad.

Qu. What other parts of the car can I use Ultimate finish Waterless Wash & Wax on?

An. You can use Ultimate Finish Waterless Wash & Wax on Glass, Paintwork, Plastic Trim, Chrome, Steel & Alloy Wheels.

Qu. Can I wash the Ultimate Finish Microfibre Cloths in a washing machine?

An. Yes, You can wash our microfibre cloths in a washing machine, but remember not to use fabric softener, as this effects the microfibres on the cloths!

Qu. Can I use other types of cloths instead of microfibre cloths with Ultimate Finish products?

An. We would always recommend using Microfibre Cloths will all our products due to their quality and unique properties. Certainly, we would advise you to use Ultimate Finish Microfibre Cloth products, as these have been designed to work along our other products!

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