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Ultimate Finish Waterless Wash & Wax

This advanced unique formula gives you the most outstanding results.

“What Car Magazine” independent test results awarded this product

5 Stars and “Best for Shine”

One bottle will Clean, Polish & Protect up to  6-8 family cars.


You save around 200 litres of water every time a car is cleaned with

Waterless Wash & Wax.

No More Hardwork!

Save Time, Save Money!

Once you use waterless wash and wax from Ultimate Finish, you won’t use a bucket and sponge ever again.

Every use, leaves an invisible layer of carnauba wax, protecting your cars paintwork from future dirt, road grime, tree sap etc.

Your car will stay cleaner for longer.

Special Offers


Ultimate Finish Waterless Wash & Wax - Quad Pack.

No need to buy multiple car care products, Ultimate Finish does it all. A readers offer not to be missed.

RRP - £45.23

Our Price £39.99

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